Our Materials


Waxed cotton duck canvas is an authentic American product. The durable material looks better as it ages and supports Workers Supply’s desire to make products that last a lifetime. We use both 20oz. and 10.10oz. waxed cotton canvas in our collection and the waxed finish is produced from food and pharmaceutical-grade waxes and is non-hazardous. The manufacturer has produced quality fabrics in the United States for over 175 years.

Waxed canvas is made to be easy to clean and some waxed fabrics have been used for generations without washing. Do not dry clean or place Workers Supply goods produced from waxed cotton duck canvas in the washer machine. Clean your bag with a damp cloth or, if necessary, with running water. The waxed finish can be restored with an application of wax ointment as necessary.


Just as the United States has a long history of using leather in the production of apparel goods, Workers Supply uses U.S.-tanned leather to produce our collection of goods.

Leather changes over time and becomes richer in tone and feel. If the leather of your Workers Supply good becomes excessively wet, let it dry at room temperature. You may also clean the leather as necessary with a soft cloth and then let it dry at room temperature. Cream / conditioner may be applied to the leather as necessary to restore its finish, buffing the leather lightly with a soft cloth.



Although not as old as waxed cotton duck canvas, Cordura Nylon is an American fabric that first made its appearance during the early years of the 20th century. The fabric was designed to be durable and tough - a perfect compliment to the Workers Supply collection. Starting the FW 2015 season, Workers Supply began producing select items using both waxed cotton duck canvas and Cordura Nylon to blend old and new fabrics and to take advantage of the qualities each fabric brings to the design.

Cordura Nylon is generally easy to care for. If the Cordura Nylon of your Workers Supply item is soiled, the nylon portion of your item may be cleaned using a spray cleaner or detergent and water. Avoid using chlorine or bleach based cleansers.