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Our Story

Inspired by the enduring qualities of the great American cities and the people who built them, the Workers Supply collection is built to last. Made from quality materials that withstand weather and time, Workers Supply goods are made by hand in the United States and designed to be passed from one generation to the next. Although Workers Supply goods are constructed for today’s workers – whether working in an office or in the field – our designs are torn from the pages of a U.S. history book and draw from the American workers, farmers, explores, and outdoorsmen who built the great cities we know today. Build your American dream with a symbol of America’s proud history of design and industry....

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Our Process

There is a common theme in the production of the Workers Supply collection:  made by hand. We believe it takes the hard work, years of experience, and the attention-to-detail of a craftsperson to produce a truly great bag or case. For this reason, our fabric is cut by hand, our leather is skived and placed by hand, the pieces are gathered and sewn together by hand, and each copper rivet is placed by hand. Producing a product that is built to last takes time, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Our Materials

WAXED COTTON DUCK CANVAS Waxed cotton duck canvas is an authentic American product. The durable material looks better as it ages and supports Workers Supply’s desire to make products that last a lifetime. We use both 20oz. and 10.10oz. waxed cotton canvas in our collection and the waxed finish is produced from food and pharmaceutical-grade waxes and is non-hazardous. The manufacturer has produced quality fabrics in the United States for over 175 years. Waxed canvas is made to be easy to clean and some waxed fabrics have been used for generations without washing. Do not dry clean or place Workers Supply goods produced from waxed cotton duck canvas in the washer machine. Clean your bag with a damp cloth or,...

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